Atlantic County Utilities Authority Landfill to Gas Facility

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

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Project Scope

Atlantic County Utilities operates a landfill gas-to-electrical energy facility, using natural gas reciprocating engines. Instead of a field-erected plant, Stellar Energy proposed packaging two 57-foot modules to reduce the installation cost and make the footprint more efficient. Stellar Energy provided a generator set packaged in an enclosure, complete with ventilation and sound attenuation, with an integral electrical room containing the gen-set control panel and auxiliary motor control centers (MCC). Stellar Energy packaged the auxiliaries - which consist of the main gen-set radiator, fuel-gas conditioning skid, fuel-booster compressor, generator step-up (GSU) transformer and 5kV switchgear - on a similar skid for installation adjacent to the gen-set skid. Total gen-set output is 1920kW.